David Parker : An Average Man

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Molly Wagschal
Mr. Seland
English 10-1
17 June 2015

All or Nothing

David Parker was an average man. He was neither tall nor short. His hair, a graying brown, was an average length for a man. He was solidly middle class; he had a Honda Accord and a moderately priced house in the quiet New Jersey suburbs. Mr. Parker was frugal; he never made any frivolous purchases or bought anything without careful consideration. He had worked as an insurance agent at the same company for 30 years and planned to retire in ten years, when he was 65 years of age. He had been happily married for 32 years and had two daughters who had moved out a while before. Mr. Parker was content with his average life; he followed his daily schedule of eating a breakfast of the same cereal, arriving to work at 9 and leaving promptly at 5, eating the same dinner cooked by his wife, and going to sleep around 9:30 after watching some light television. The man was satisfied that nothing would change. However, one cold and blustery winter day, David Parker’s wife, Mary, passed away after being struck by a cyclist who could not see where he was going due to the fog and sleet. Mr. Parker mourned publicly for the appropriate amount of time; he held a simple memorial service, and his family traveled in to share their condolences. Coworkers gave him sympathetic looks and brought food. Mr. Parker was still mourning his late wife, but he tried to go back to his daily schedule for some regularity. He quietly showed up…
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