David Suzuki Essay

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David Suzuki Introduction Challenge means ‘A task or situation that tests someone's abilities’ (Google Dictionary) and David Suzuki has experienced such tests many times in his life. David was born in Vancouver on the 24th of March 1936. He is a third generation Canadian. His grandparents were from Japan and his many life challenges were due to his nationality because of the attack in Pearl Harbour brought upon by Japan. Because of David’s nationality, he, his parents and his three sisters were taken to an internment camp where is troubles began. But despite all of his troubles David went on to become the “greatest living Canadian” (National Review of Medicine, 2008). Review David Suzuki has been a very successful environmentalist…show more content…
Strengths When David was young his father forced him to learn how to publicly speak because his father believed that all Asian people are shy and don’t like to speak publicly. So his father would make David write a speech about a particular subject and give David a week to learn it. He would then take him down to the basement and make David tell the speech to him. David would then have to tell the speech to him every night after that until it was perfect. Even though David hated this at the time he now is very grateful to his father for this invaluable skill. Public speaking is now one of David’s most valuable assets because without it he would not have been able to tell his message to the world. David is now a well renowned environmental speaker and environmentalist. But speaking is not the main reason why he is such a well-known environmentalist, determination is the key. Despite all of his troubles David Suzuki has pushed through and made the world know his beliefs and is determined to make a change in the world he calls home. Impacts on Others After listening to one of David Suzuki’s inspirational speeches many people feel determined to follow his lead in his environmental battle and ‘to take on the challenges that lie ahead’ (Marghhaniti, 2007). After listening to one of these speeches Marghhaniti was so inspired that she went on to write her own series of books on Global Warming called the ‘Little Humbug Series’ this series is
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