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David Vivas Mrs. Bradley English 11; Period 2 May 3, 2017 Their Eyes Were Watching God In this story, I have found that the themes that have stood out to me is gender and love. These themes have captured a major thematic idea by gender being discriminated against the women and the men. Gender is described as women being weaker than the men and men being the powerful ones. Love is described in this story as independent until it is found. Finding love is a part of life and everybody tries to find it but when it is found, it seems like you have lived you life to the fullest. These examples of the themes can be brought into the real world and can affect how people live their lives. My first theme is going to be about gender. In the novel,…show more content…
Gender can happen in the real world which can lead to personal experiences. I have experienced some gender inequality throughout my life and have had family situations since I have been alive. For instance, my parents lived in a time where men went to work and the women had to clean, cook, and stuff around the house. I have experienced some problems myself by my brother and I having to do outside yard work while my sister only does inside work. She claims that yard work is “for men and it’s a man 's job.”. What I have to say about that is that men and women don 't need to do work based off if it is a man or woman’s job, work is work and you shouldn’t base it off gender inequality. Another situation I was faced with was when my mom was trying to get a job, she was trying to get a job at selling Tupperware. She was faced with “you can’t sell Tupperware because you are a woman and people don 't buy stuff off of women.”. She sticked with her gut and went for it, now she is very successful in her business and doesn’t let what a guy said to her stop her. Another theme I chose from the story was love. Love can be a powerful thing or a devastating thing. For example, “After that she came to where Joe Starks was waiting for her with a hired rig. He was very solemn and helped her to the seat beside him. With him on it, it sat like some high, ruling chair. From now on until death she

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