David Walker ( 1785-1830 ) Traces From Events That Transpired During The Civil War

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David Walker (1785-1830) traces to events that transpired during the civil war and the spiritual revivals of the African American person. Also the Christian people are the Afro-American practices within the culture always are important for than country, also it implicated the national problems and support with family would be to ask the God of justice? But the children subject ignorance and deracination, aggressive to last privation would he ask to be God? Alluring of which ought to be slavery to the American person and children forever is the main problem. Too it is the most egregious historical analysis of slavery that condition crueler. Almost deign an enlighten and Christian people. Only they created characters that represent how people felt in the time. They are crest of characters with many years ago of expression has in afro America life. Also He had international work place an experience with culture and tradition how fact in town.
Walker called for the immediate abolition of slavery and equal rights. For what could happen; that some prisoners of would be turned into slaves, enough could the fall into slavery as punishment for a boss. Sometimes due to extreme poverty people "were sold into slavery by their own families ' ' Only Christian person have discriminated common just some Africans were interested in having slaves. America also had slaves and, they were looking to make them work on banana and cotton plantations, along with sugar production with other

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