David Wallace Commencement Analysis

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For this second paper we will be looking at two of my favorite articles/books we’ve had to read for this semester so far. The David Wallace Commencement address, which focuses primarily the concept of how we perceive and worship things throughout our daily lives. The Augustine book, looks at the human soul and our drives to complete tasks that benefit us and our way of rational and non-rational though the use of our free will. Both of theses readings in a sensible aim at administering the same message, that we are capable of choosing how we look at the world and what we do with what we have. In order to justify that statement, we will look into these readings and our lectures to find evidence that these points exist; particularly the aspects…show more content…
Rather we are given the idea that one lives a fulfilled life by being understanding of others, and wanting to care about people. This kind of fulfilling life is living with a freedom, to choose to be human and accept the responsibilities life throws at us. However, you have Augustine on the other hand that mentions that free will allows us to choose to do many things from good and evil; yes, Augustine agrees with the belief that we often chose to do a majority of things for our own interest, but that is the unconscious human, where on the other hand, you have a person that wants to live a full life and chooses to do good not for one’s self but for the betterment of the overall population. However, he feels that we are capable of choosing more then just what we decide to worship; we are capable of deciding what is wrong and what is good. We established laws because we chose to do so. We choose to do things whether they be good or bad to obtain some type of benefit, whether it be stealing something to obtain that item or getting a job to make money to obtain the item. We choose to do many things, and we are capable of choosing whether or not we want to live a fulfilled life, we can either pretend to…show more content…
This example comes directly from the reading Wallace relates it to suicides but I personally believe that it has more to deal with what our minds tell us to do and how they can control us on some aspects. We can usually tell our mind what to do or think in certain situations, can tell it to walk or talk and it is obedient and follows the given command. However, it is the things we cannot control, like sleeping; ever experience those nights where you just can not fall asleep yet you know you are tired and your mind is just racing with all these random thoughts you wished would stop. That is the mind being a terrible master, mistreating the servant (our body) and depriving it of the much needed sleep we need. Our minds can also cause us to remember certain events like deaths and divorces. You try and try to forget these experiences but your mind wont let you and on the anniversary your mind forces you to be alive and experience sad
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