David Wiesner's Wordless Picture Books Essay

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David Wiesner's Wordless Picture Books

David Wiesner is a very artistic author. His love for art is portrayed through his style of work. When flipping through the pages of his books, the reader is immediately drawn to the pictures. A particular style the Wiesner is known for is wordless picture books. A wordless picture book is exactly what it says; it is a book containing only pictures. "A wordless picture book is a very personal experience for the reader" (Amazon.com). A child can benefit tremendously from this style of book. Wordless picture books stimulate creativity and language, while at the same time introducing a child to basic principles of books and reading.

Sector 7 and Free
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There is not one correct interpretation, which allows children to be as creative as they want to be.

Language can also be developed through this style of writing. Without words on the page, it is up to the reader to decide what is being said. The reader is given the chance to verbally add his or her own words. This tremendously helps with language and vocabulary. The reader begins to create thought that have a beginning and an end. One is able to enhance their vocabulary by seeing things that they may not have seen before.

Through a wordless picture book, a child is introduced to the basic principles of a book. One of these principles is the way in which books are read. Wordless picture books "...can accustom them to the left-to-right pattern of reading..." (Sutherland 84). The reader "reads" the pictures from the left page to the right. In Sector 7, many of the pages have multiple pictures on them. The successive pictures are stacked on top of each other. This may help the child learn that he or she is to read from top to bottom, along with left to right.

The sequence of pictures throughout the book is also important. This allows children to learn that books have story lines. The reader learns that every story has a beginning or introduction. Each picture builds upon the last and are all connected. The reader is able to relate each
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