David Zinczenko's DonT Blame The Eater : We Is Responsible For A Healthy Lifestyle?

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Cyril Klutse
English Comp 070
Prof Izabela Zeiba
28 September,2017
Personal Health How can a person hold someone else responsible for his or her health when that person is not living a healthy life style? Some people tend to blame others for their health issues and demand that the government or health insurance companies pay for their medicals. Meanwhile, it is believed that we are responsible for our health. According to David Zinczenko ’s “Don’t Blame the Eater”, he believes that the government should be responsible for our health. On the other hand, Radley Balko’s “What You Eat Is Your Problem” does not support Zinczenko’s idea. Balko believes that each person should be responsible for their own health and what they eat.
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Which gives fast food restaurants less worry about their consumer’s health. However, Zinczenko also affirms the fact that “Some fast-food purveyors will provide calorie information on request out of that would be hard to find” (Zinczenko 464). He explains that for obesity rates to drop, people must be informed with the necessary information on what they are going to eat at fast food restaurants. With the knowledge of how healthy their food is and how many calories they are going to be consuming, Americans can better orchestrate a healthier diet plan and possibly eat less when they decide to dine at fast food restaurants.
Although, Radley Balko strongly supports the idea that, individuals should be responsible for taking care of their own health. In his statements Balko said, “We are becoming less responsible for our own health and more responsible for everyone else’s” (Balko 467). This means that being covered by the health insurance is designed based on an overall health status not based on an individual health status. Yet again Balko supports his argument by saying “Your heart attacks drive up my premiums and office visits” (Balko 467). He explains that just because heart attacks are very common among Americans, most health insurance charge more money for services rendered even when the person receiving this service is healthy or does not suffer from any heart diseases. Balko does not

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