David and Goliath Essay

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Tushall Sharma Scott Lankford English 1A / Essay 2 / Prompt 1 03/17/2015 Overcoming Odds the Singaporean Way: Lee Kuan Yew Once a small fishing village with almost no natural resources, Singapore has flourished into a point of pride for the world. As Nicolas Berggruen, a famous French investor and philanthropist said, “Singapore was created out of the swamp, with a strong emotional idea: a safe place mostly for Chinese, but accepting other cultures and other races.” Singapore had been at a disadvantage for most of its early age, until the achievement of its first world status towards the end of the 20th century. Much of this success can be attributed to the first prime minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. Malcolm Gladwell in David and…show more content…
Mr. Lee had a vision for Singapore and no one was going to change that. As Kenny Roy’s article, “Lee Kuan Yew: The Real Tiger” mentions, “Mr. Lee’s first order of business after establishing his position in office was to introduce a five-year plan that concentrated on urban renewal and construction of new public housing. Education reforms and industrialization were also key areas in which he placed his importance – and eventually contributed to the success of Singapore and him being a forward thinking leader.” Moving on from the strong legislation Mr. Lee put into place to allow Singapore to get independence, stringent laws were also part of how Mr. Lee helped Singapore overcome some of its disadvantages. Every westerner in current times has heard of the absurd laws aimed at making Singapore being overly clean. Chewing gum was banned in 1992 because vandals disrupted public transport systems by sticking their gum on the doors of trains. This became more of a disadvantage as citizens could no longer chew gum nor bring food and drinks onboard any public transport network that was and till today is still commonly used by 70% of Singapore’s population. Adding to the chewing gum ban, Singapore imposed heavy fines on people who littered and contributed to pollution. Yet this law, which was put
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