David emile Durkheim: Father of Sociology

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Throughout his life David Emile Durkheim managed to write about many aspects of life, however his most influential work had to do with sociology. Today he is known as the father of sociology for the innovative and revolutionary work he did. However, his works are not always easily understandable, but once understood its reach is endless. One of the questions that comes from Durkheim’s works is how the individual developed a sense of autonomy, how the individual was able to break out of the mold of centuries in the making. Durkheim explained how they were able to become individually autonomous in his many works. Durkheim was born on April 15, 1858 in Epinal, France. His mother was a merchant’s daughter and a Chief Rabbi. His father,…show more content…
The second major work from Durkheim is Suicide, which was a study of suicide published in 1897. In this study, Durkheim wanted to find the reasons that people commit suicide and the different rates of suicide in different niches in society. He argued that there were four different kinds of suicide, based on two social forces: social integration and social regulation. The four different types of suicide that emerged from these forces were: egoistic, altruistic, anomic, and finally fatalistic (Nelson 2013b). Egoistic suicide occurs because the person has no feeling of worth, the person is apathetic and depressed. If the person does not belong to a community and has no experience of it, they are more likely to commit egoistic suicide, which Durkheim stated as a decrease in social integration (Nelson 2013b). The second form was altruistic suicide, which occurs because a person feels overwhelmed by the pressures of society, if the community has beliefs that lead to his death or if the person must commit suicide in order to benefit the society (Nelson 2013b). The third form of suicide is anomic, which occurs when a person has a lack of direction. If the organic solidarity described by Durkheim is, his other works does not occur then one is more likely to commit anomic suicide

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