David's Mb Understanding And Knowledge Of The Science

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, due to Perkins’ understanding and knowledge of the science in the industry. David’s MBA also allows for a much progressed and knowledgeable business plan. David knows to focus on a Differentiation strategy because the hopeful competitors do not allow their products to be sampled. David’s work passion has been a great advantage for the firm as well. Several investors have been quoted as saying: “I was impressed by David’s passion and his overall suitability for this venture. I bought into building a western brand from a special place.” M.F. “Listening to his dream, his passion was infectious. I also saw an investment in High West as an opportunity to be part of something benefiting Park City that was exciting.” J.H. “I invested because…show more content…
He wanted to implement his own enriching tour filled with educational information on the history, production, and taste of the High West whiskey brand. Across the world there is a rising demand for differentiated products especially in India and China, as they are seeing rise in luxury good sales. This trend is not unique to only India and China and we are seeing similar increases worldwide. This demand for luxury goods opens up a bright future for High West Distillery. Perkins noticed a rising trend and interest for specialty whiskies and knew people were willing to pay more for them. A differentiation-based strategy is defined as a plan of action designed to provide a product or service with unique attributes that are valued by customers. In Perkins’ business design of High West Distillery, he chose to adopt a differentiation-based strategy for his brand. He is attempting to capture the market niche for super-premium whiskey connoisseurs as well as the rookies. He believed he was the first western whiskey in 2002, therefore original and different at the time. It captured people’s imagination and gave them a “mental destination” to the vision of the Old West and their saloons. Perkins spent a considerable amount of time and resources on finding the perfect name, trademark, advertisements, label, bottle, and even bottle cork. He wanted to make sure everything fit perfectly
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