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The music industry is undergoing a massive change, and as a result, musicians and music producers increasingly require skills in a number of different areas in order to succeed. In this assignment I will explain the architecture of a Digital Audio Workstation, music sequencing and available sound sources and the fundamental processes and components of studio recording. By creating a backing track, I will evaluate, experiment and create Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) sequences with the use of hardware and software.

The Architecture of a DAW
DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation and is a system which has been designed to record, edit and mix music. There are two types of DAWs, standalone and software based and for the purpose
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Audio tracks are relatively straight forward allowing the user to insert audio clips which you may record directly onto. The MIDI track is the track MIDI uses as a communication device for plug-ins or MIDI instruments. MIDI instruments can be played through this track or you can arrange music through a DAW with a synthesiser into the MIDI track. The master track has total control over the overall volume of the mix. It will act as an indicator when your mix is peaking, so you can effectively locate and lower the volume of the track that is playing too loud.
There are numerous software DAWs to choose from which are used on computers (MAC, WIndows and Linux). Examples of the most popular DAWs include Ableton, Live, Fruity Loops, Avid Pro Tools and Apple Logic Pro.
A DAW is comprised of three individual components. The first being the computer as it is the source of processing power, and provides a place where data may be stored. Second, DAW software is required to provide the place and features to create, edit and record music. Finally the audio interface is required as this device enables audio to be converted from analog to digital information which can be translated to the computer. Some cases MIDI
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