Dawn Riley Case Report Essay

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Executive Summary Dawn Riley, CEO/Captain of the America True team is in the middle of several critical decisions that require strategic analysis for their team to succeed. Her main dilemma is whether she should decide to spend very scarce financial and design team resources to make modifications to the America True Teams practice boat, Tag. Dawn has scheduled a meeting with her Senior Management team to discuss the upgrade of Tag. The goal of upgrading the American True practice boat is to create the best testing platform which would require significant improvements to their racing boat. David Barnes, the team consultant, senses that the variance in the boats is causing issues between racing personnel. Additionally, Dawn has…show more content…
There are several limitations and concerns that are arising among the design team, the senior management, as well as their primary consultant. Specifically, David Barnes, Logistical and Racing Consultant for America True, has raised the major concern that TAG will not suffice for the teams training needs. On the contrary, Chris Coffin, Chief Operating Officer whom is the primary financier for the team is hesitant to increase funding for the improvements to the teams training boat. Lastly, Phil Kaiko, the lead designer for the team, is hindered for time he can devote to upgrading TAG believing that it would take away from the time spent on their actual racing boat. As a result of the aforementioned concerns and benefits of TAG, several unaddressed instigated issues have surfaced that need to be communicated and resolved. These issues are included into two main categories; communication, leadership: Communication • Confusion of why Damn appointed herself as captain. • Difficult to foster real conversation between the boat crew (practical) and the design team (technical) • The available time during tow-in is not being utilized for debriefing • There isn’t transparency and understanding between afterguard crew • “Shore days” time is being underutilized Leadership • The management duo of

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