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CEO of America True, Dawn Riley, faces several issues of various criticalities that require careful decision making. The preeminent decision that Dawn Riley faces is whether or not to spend limited funds and resources on upgrading Tag, their training boat. Concurrent with that decision, Dawn is facing several other issues and challenges that need to be addressed. In order to address each of the challenges, a standard issues matrix used below highlights the severity of an issue and the likelihood of it requiring immediate or drastic action.

Red: Critical and require immediate management action or decisions
Yellow: Lesser critical nature, requiring monitoring of controls to ensure that controls stay in place and does not lead to
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This issue would also have implications on funding. This was a critical issue and required executive action to solve.
Constructability Reviews: Fostering communication between the designers and the sailors was listed as a potential problem area given that “sailors can get the feeling that designers are too far removed from the problem.” However, in the same token, the sailors also felt that they could contribute more than previous experiences. This is an important issue that probably requires more monitoring than corrective action.
A-Team members & Sexism: There was a limited amount of tension between A team and B team members compared to other syndicates. However, “some of the men who were afraid there would be a “quota” of women on the raceboat.” For this reason Picking A-Team members and Sexism were identified as a joint issue. Dawn faced the challenge of picking a team that was best qualified and not perceived to have favoritism or quota’s determining who would be on the boat. This is a delicate issue as lack of confidence in your team members and the selection process could lead to a breakdown of trust, one of the first symptoms of Dysfunction in a team. This is a particularly sensitive issue given that the entire issue rests entirely on personality dynamics which take leadership to

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