Dawson's Landing: Summary And Review

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On the Missouri side of the Mississippi River, half a day’s journey from St. Louis, was a town called Dawson’s Landing. In 1830, Dawson’s Landing gained a new citizen by the name of David Wilson. David Wilson had a rather unfortunate encounter on his first day in this new town: He had just made the acquaintance of a group of citizens when an invisible dog began to yelp and snarl and howl and make himself very comprehensively disagreeable, whereupon young Wilson said, much as one who is thinking aloud— “I wish I owned half of that dog.” “Why?” somebody asked. “Because I would kill my half.” The group searched his face with curiosity, with anxiety even, but found no light there, no expression that they could read. They fell away from him as…show more content…
Wilson’s unfortunate reputation in Dawson’s Landing led to his law career to a crashing and burning end, but this gave him more time to develop some rater unusual, but very rewarding hobbies. Specifically, he studies palm reading, creates an almanac full of witty sayings, and collects people's fingerprints—the uncommon for the era pastime that eventually leads to his triumph in court. In short, as a result of his difficult reputation in town, he becomes a more well-rounded, interesting, and resourceful person. Of course, it’s the fingerprinting that really pays off in the end. When Tom returns from meeting with roxy in St.Louis to steal money from his uncle to free Roxy, he takes Luigi’s dagger that he stole, surprised and caught by his uncle, Tom stabs and kills him. Leaving the knife and fleeing the scene, the blame is placed on the twins. Wilson, now the Mayor of Dawson’s Landing, scores his first case defending the twins. Fortunately for the twins, Pudd’nhead finds some fingerprints on the knife, but Pudd'nhead can’t find their owner. With it seeming like their is no hope for the twins, Tom gives Wilson a visit, while there, Wilson his going over his collection of fingerprints, Tom picks up and examines a few, leaving his fingerprints on the glass. Ah ha, Pudd’nhead sees that the fingerprints that Tom has left are the exact match of the fingerprints on the knife, Wilson’s greatest

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