Day For Bananafish

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The story A Perfect Day for Bananafish by J.D. Salinger is about a couple who are on vacation at a hotel on the beach in Florida. The couple is never seen together in the story, but the idea is that they were just married and are on their honeymoon at the beach. Yet it is hard to tell much about their relationship due to the fact that they are not seen together. The first part of the story follows Muriel as she talks on the phone with her mother about how her trip and her husband. While the second part of the story follows Seymour while he is at the beach hanging out with a child named Sybil. Some of the main ideas expressed throughout the story were about miscommunication, PTSD, and materialism. Salinger uses dialogue and interaction between characters to create symbols and conflict that would portray these ideas. Miscommunication was shown in the conflict between Muriel and her mother when they were speaking over the phone about Muriel’s safety. The PTSD is shown in the story through Seymour’s conflict with himself. This essay will…show more content…
These two themes are shown and built on in the story using dialogue, symbols and conflict. Talking is not always communicating can be seen in Muriel’s conversation with her mother and the psychiatrist. Showing that Muriel is not much of a listener or one to understand what people are saying. Corruption of the innocent is shown through Seymour’s conflict causing him to be friends with children like Sybil. Seymour’s death in the end sums up the story and really shows us what Salinger was trying to shown us. Most of us are not great at communicating and PTSD does not help. Might the story have gone differently if both Seymour and Muriel communicated better, possibly. Yet I think Salinger made it a point to exemplify their lack of communication to show that people in general do not communicate
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