Day Of Tears Essay

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Day of Tears, a historical fiction novel, was written by Julius
Bernard Lester. This award winning novel tells the story about Emma - a slave of a horrible gambler, Pierce Butler, and caretaker of his two daughters. She teaches his daughters, one who opposes and one who supports slavery, to be open minded and have a good soul. During this, Pierce is in terrible gambling debt and decides to sell his slaves in the largest slave auction in America, including the protagonist Emma. On this day, the rain falls hard as if the sky was sobbing on the auction below. Other than the selling of Emma which disconnected her from her loving family, one major event was the escape of Emma and her friends away from their plantation, towards freedom.
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As stated in the book, “I sit on her lap, put my head on her chest and put my arms around her and we start rocking. She holds me tight like Mama used to” (Lester 36). This is being told by Sarah Pierce and just shows the kind of person Emma is. She cares for her young ‘masters’ and acts as a mother figure when their actual mother cannot. Although slaves are frowned upon when having a relationship with white masters, Emma takes it upon herself to love and make sure Frances and Sarah are in good hands. According to the novel, it also asserts, “(She hugs her father tight.) Tell Mama I won’t forget nothing she taught me. Tell her I’ll be alright. And I’ll be strong Papa. I’ll be strong” (Lester 94). This demonstrates the courage and perseverance Emma possesses, even when she is being ripped away from her loving family. When she’s being sold, she keeps her head up and tells herself not to look defeated. Emma is very strong and will not let anything show her (very few) weaknesses. As demonstrated, this protagonist has positive characteristics based on what thirteen years of ups and downs she has gone through. Emma Henry is simply an…show more content…
Leading to the end of Day of Tears, Emma, Joe, Charles, and Winnie escape Mistress Henfield’s plantation towards freedom. Jeremiah Henry, an abolitionist and businessman, helps the four by leading the way to Philadelphia. Their flee was very pivotal to the characters and developed the story’s ending. One, the characters were able to own their own houses, make a family, and just live life without any disruptions. Two, it developed the story’s ending by providing the falling action. Their escape was the resolution to the ongoing climax of their slavery and wondering what master is going to be sold Emma and her friends. In conclusion, this major event was the most surprising, but was a nice to tie to the
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