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Have you heard about many schools going to a four day school week and why they would, so by changing the school week to four days it can save money, help teachers, and give students and teachers better morale. When the teachers are at school planning they get that extra day to do so, therefore they are more confident in the way they are teaching their classes. Colby Public Schools should adopt the four day school system because the cost for transportation and meals will be cheaper, the shorter week will give both the students and teachers more time to do studies or do other things in their social life, and while the students are off doing other things the teachers can plan for the week.
To begin, Colby Public Schools should go to a four day school week because it will help the teachers with their planning times. According to Sage International School in Boise Idaho the four day school week has helped with teachers and they are using it for extensive professional development. Zach Parker is a history teacher at that school and he said “they share new teaching strategies that reflect on which ones have worked well in their classrooms. That time allows us to steer the boat in the direction we see fit, and feel more respected as educators.” Having the four day school week also helps the retention of teacher recruitment because more teachers would rather work four days with students than five and they use that extra day for either a day of rest or day of planning/grading. The

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