Daycare Careers

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Do you ever question what you want to be doing for a living? Currently I have two careers I am interested in working in a daycare facility and owning my own in-home daycare. Before deciding between the two there is a few things I had to consider such as the pay, the hours, and investment needed. When working in a daycare facility your pay can range from $7.50-$11.21 making the median hourly salary $8.70. When owning a daycare there is no set salary your salary goes based on your customers unless your customers are willing to pay the price you set then your business can go either way. Next I would consider the hours, when working in a facility your hours are likely to go based on when you are needed as opposed to if I had my own daycare I…show more content…
Where as a facility has set hours that they are open in the week so you are guaranteed to get your hours in. If I were to own a daycare there is no telling how many hours I would work a week since I would not be setting my own hours. Lastly I looked at the investment I would have to make in order to work in a facility or own my own daycare. If I were to work at a facility the expenses are already set up so I would not have to make my own investments. As for owning my own daycare I could end up making an investment from as little as $500-$100,000. The cost of starting an in-home daycare goes based on how much remodeling is needed. There is a lot of equipment I would want to have in my daycare such as: toys, nap mats, bedding, playpens/cribs, art and craft supplies, first aid kit, child size furniture, and so much more. The equipment needed for a daycare can get expensive.I would not want to invest so much money into an in-home daycare that I have no guarantee that business will be good, or what my hours will be, or how much I would be
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