Daycare Dilemmas

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Todays’ fast paced life style and the need for both parents to work to make ends meet seems to have created the daycare dilemma. The reality is that parenting - the most important job a woman can have - is not valued enough. No one should ever feel like she is "only a mom" – but should be more highly valued than any other profession. No job is as important; no job has the possibilities for improving our world by raising up the capacity to love and trust others. According to Canadian psychiatrist Elliott Barker, "We have to change a lot of established patterns or ways we do things - our priorities - so that nothing gets in the way of attachment in the earliest years. The capacities for trust, empathy, and affection are in fact the central core of what it means to be human, and are indispensable for adults to be able to form lasting, mutually satisfying co-operative relationships with others." Our culture belittles motherhood and encourages the mother to leave her children and go to a job. If mothers’ felt the importance of being a mother and society wasn’t pushing for them to work, many would stay at home with their children. Some evidence shows children benefit if their mothers stay home with them until they are one year, the welfare law does allow states to exempt new mothers from work requirements for a year. So far, states do not seem to be taking advantage of the provision set apart for this program. In Wisconsin, a leader in welfare reform, mothers are required to start looking for work when their child is 12 weeks old. Those in favor of these reforms say a mother who has a job will be a more responsible parent, and some studies suggest that children do benefit if their mother receives earned income rather than a government check for the same amount. If mothers are out working, however, the quality of child care provided by others will largely determine how the children fare under the states' new plans. Many mothers will rely on relatives and friends, some will be loving and attentive and some will not. Also, the strain on the daycare system is a matter of serious concern to child-development and childcare experts. A recent study found that 40% of daycare centers for infants and toddlers gave less than
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