Daylight As A Healing Element

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Chapter Four Daylight as a healing element It has been established that a healing environment has a positive effect on the human being given the information mentioned above. In addition, healing architecture suggests that the incorporation of natural elements during the design process of the building is essential. The investigation on the themes of healing architecture lead to the conclusion that “the luminous environment plays an important role and an integral part of the hospital’s healing environment (Aripin, 2006).However, it was noticed that “many studies on the subject of daylight focus on schools, offices and commercial buildings but few on hospitals” (Aripin, 2006).Therefore ,a decision was made in investigating how daylight can be used efficiently in a hospital setting in order to promote an effective healing environment. In recent literature, a number of studies have been conducted in order to showcase how daylight could be beneficial on the human being in both physiological and physical aspects. As a matter fact, Richard J. Wurtman suggested that “light is the most environmental input, after food and water, in controlling bodily functions” (Hattie & Anderman , 2013). In addition, The Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) published a report which proposed that light could have a positive impact during the recovery process of the patient. Moreover, Roger S.Ulrich carried out a trial in order to see if indeed natural light has any sort of
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