Daylight Saving Time Research Paper

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It’s early, I usually sleep in on Sundays but daylight savings time has just ended so while instead of being ten it’s actually 9o’clock. I have a long day ahead of me but I want to simply enjoy the morning so I try making an omelet. Unfortunately I forget to put butter on the pan and it all ends up sticking. So much for that. I make some oatmeal instead, I can’t really screw that up. I slice up a banana and pour myself some orange juice special mugs. I pull out my laptop and start going through my emails. I go through my work email first to see if anything important has come up but there’s nothing in the inbox. I move on to the next one, I haven’t checked this one in a while because I’ve signed myself up for so many shopping sites that it’s unhealthy for me to go through the emails. Just a couple of weeks ago I made the mistake of checking this one and there was a sale at STORE, I couldn’t miss that so I clicked on it and then apparently there was free shipping for all orders over $75. I wasn’t that far off, so I thought, I might as well buy something else instead of paying for shipping. So I ended up spending…show more content…
It subject is: FREE 8X11 calendar. It sounds like a scam but it’s actually true, I know because about a year ago I received an email that was labeled: FREE MUG. All I had to do was pay for shipping. I don’t really drink coffee but I could use it for tea. I got all excited designing the mug and then I got a letter from Denise. We hadn’t talked in a couple of months not since I’d screwed things up but she still send me a lovely card and my favorite chocolate for my birthday. I hadn’t even remembered hers. So I ended up putting pictures of us in the mug, and I send it to her. Then I bought three for
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