Daylight Shading Paper

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This paper addresses the issue and key considerations behind designing with daylight as a primary factor from the early stages of design in the architecture. Furthermore, the paper touches on the subject of some of the most efficient ways to tackle the implementation of daylight strategies that are thoughtful in terms of project specifics and achieve visual comfort and save on energy costs. As specialists in the building industry, construction architects, together with architects, engineers, and other professionals, face difficulties in implementing efficient daylighting strategies that consider both proper illumination and much-needed shading, that causes discomfort glare and overheating. The main objective of the paper is to observe and…show more content…
Moreover, the paper addresses what are the most common considerations in projects regarding daylight implementation and how certain factors differ from one company to company or professionals to professionals within the building industry.
The methodology used to investigate involved secondary data acquired from roughly twenty different sources, such as books, publications, articles, magazines as well as primary data, presently through personal interpretations and experience.
The benefits of daylighting are not limited to energy saving, but they include plenty of health-related positive aspects, as well as increased productivity and motivation among users exposed to satisfactory levels of natural light during the day.
Companies should prioritize the spread of knowledge and training of staff in regards to perceiving daylighting as a very important parameter from the early stages of design. Working in close connection with consultants and legislators would facilitate the creation of uniform mind-set among professionals of the architectural practice towards working with
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