Days or Years in Atlantis

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Instead of being a normal human and going back up for a breath, I swam down deeper craving the burn in my lungs. There was a large rock on the bottom of the ocean floor, I tugged and tugged on it until finally it broke loose. It all happened in a flash. Air from the hole blew up and sucked me into the hole pulling the rock back in place. I quenched my eyes tightly as I braced myself for the fall that never came. Slowly I opened my eyes and my jaw dropped down and touched the ground. Millions of things all shocked me at once. For one thing everything was made of gold and I was floating down to the ground slowly. I used every muscle in my body to pull myself to the ground and I just continued to float down gently. I simply floated in the direction I leaned to. When my feet hit the ground I saw a boy that looked my age sitting on a bench alone. He was as skinny as a twig and had light brown hair. Hoping he spoke my language I said "Where am I?" The boy looked up at me and said "Why you're in Atlantis and that means you don't have a friend. Here's the thing I don't have a friend either so we can be best friends." Then the boy grabbed my hand and started pulling me along. We reached a magnificent building and the boy urged me to go inside with him as he yanked the bright gold doors open. When we got inside there was a girl sitting on a throne and she apparently…

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