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It was inevitable and unavoidable that violence and dispossession were outcomes of the centuries-long confirmation of Native Americans with European settlers and their American descendants. European settlers were relentless whenever they were introduced to things that were appealing to their eye. If they wanted it, then they would go get it due to the superior mindset of the Europeans. European settlers first came to the New World for multiple reasons. It started with Christopher Columbus wanting to find a shorter and quicker route to the East. Failing to do so, he made the New World’s existence known to the Old World. It wasn’t just the Europeans who decided to come to the New World. The Spanish government was informed of the New World…show more content…
He understood that Europeans and Natives both have cultural differences. One thing that seems very taboo to the Europeans may be very common for the Natives. The differences in cultures affect our mindset and perspective on how we see things. Franklin understood that they had a different way of living life. (Doc 3) Shawnee leader, Tecumseh, was not a happy Native. He blamed the greed and oppression of the Europeans for the destruction of the Native American cultures. The Europeans greed led them to strip the land from the Natives, and try in forcing their religion upon the Natives. Tecumseh believed that the land was for all. There was nothing about selling, taking, and giving the land away. The Europeans just did not have that mindset at all. Red Jacket was a Seneca leader. He was very discouraged of the fact that they took the land of the Natives, but even more because they wanted to force their religion upon the Native Americans. The Europeans were ruthless when it came to this. They did not think about their feelings and the actions that could hurt the Natives. (Doc 4, 5, 6) In the 1800’s, U.S. Secretary of War & U.S. Secretary of Interior were both not very kind to the Natives. John C. Calhoun was U.S. Secretary in 1820 at the time. He believed that Native Americans had no right of ruling themselves. He believed that they were uncivilized and that they had no right of even being known
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