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The relationship between cricket and politics is clearly portrayed in South Asia from 1880 to 2005 through the easing of the tension between different caste members, although the tension eased was not always from a religious aspect between the Pakistanis, Indians, and the British. The different problems that arose in South Asia was mostly class or caste systems (Docs 2, 3, 4), rivalry (Docs 1, 6, 10), and religious tensions (Docs 5, 7, 8, 9) against the different countries and cricket teams. Cricket in many ways was a unifying force for the different classes in India as well as the relationship between Britain and India. As seen in Document 2, an Indian cricketer was invited to “...join the Sussex team,” which was a team from England.…show more content…
Even though cricket was a very uniting force, it was also the cause of rivalry throughout India. Cricket was a sport brought to India by the British and the Indians were pretty grateful towards the British for bringing cricket. However, what they were not grateful for was the fact that the English would play polo on cricket grounds, as said in Document 1. Document 1 states that “...more than five hundred young men of all ages and of all castes pursue this healthful sport on the Parade ground where alone they are permitted to play and which is the only ground suitable for cricket.” The Indians were arguing to the governor of the province of Bombay, India that the English were ruining the turf that they were playing cricket on by playing polo. They requested that the English should play somewhere else and not on their turf. Furthermore, shown in Document 6, the Indians felt that when they “...defeated the European teams of Calcutta...,” that it was the only time they were playing on the same level as the English. Fair and square. Usually, the British would have the authority potential wise, but the game of cricket evened it all out because when you play a sport, you can’t win by support, but by skill. Document 10 showed another example of rivalry. The chairman feels that Cricket is a sport that can bring people together and makes people ignore the fact that there are problems with water and etc. However, he’s not one to say these things.

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