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The standard way of thinking about the topic of imperialism is that the British seized other peoples lands without considering how the people felt, but many other countries followed in the footsteps of the British. Other countries saw that they had expanded and were gaining territory, and wanted to expand also. There were many reasons as to why imperialism became popular, money, land, education, resources, because of this many people were greatly affected by imperialism. Some of the main people affected were the British, the Germans, and the people living in imperialized countries.
Of the people who were impacted by imperialism, the group that was influenced the most were the British. The British played a huge role in imperialism. In Confessions of Faith, Cecil Rhodes, a British imperialist in Africa, wrote about how the British had begun colonization. Per Rhodes the British were the “superior” race and it was their duty to help other countries become evolved
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Rhodes believes that for this to happen the British need the other countries land so that the British empire could continue to grow. While Rhodes is probably wrong when he claimed that the British are the “superior” race. On the other hand, i agree that the white man’s burden was a big part of imperialism. Rhodes is not the only one to bring up the white man’s burden in his work, in An Anthology of West African Verse, by David Diop, he also mentioned the white man’s burden in his piece, but unlike Rhodes’s he doesn’t show the positive side to the white man’s burden (doc 4). Diop argues that the white man’s burden wasn’t helpful at all. From his point of view the “white men” killed, seduced, and hurt his family, and after they had done that they had tried to “educate him”. You can tell from his Diop complains about the white man’s burden in his writing, and he believes that it

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