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There was a war fought between the original thirteen colonies and Great Britain around April in 1775. This war was known as The American Revolution and although war was pretty common back then but, this was a different kind of war. The thirteen colonies that were rebelling against their mother country were fighting to become a country where every human has the freedom to do and say what they wanted. Also, they had many new ideas for running a country that many countries had never thought of or that they did not want. These ways of running government had never been tried before and were huge changes to how things were done back then. The American Revolution would end up not only changing the thirteen colonies into America, but it also changed…show more content…
This document was like America’s birth certificate. Along with that, it unified the thirteen colonies as one country. The document states that every human has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but this was not granted to everybody (The Declaration of Independence in Global Perspective). African Americans did not get any of these rights and slavery would be continued for a few hundred years. Oddly enough everything that the Americans fought for and believed in stopped when it came to the color of one's skin. This part of the Declaration of Independence barely even applied to many women as they had much fewer rights than white men. This is quite sad because women actually played a large role in the war. Many would make clothes or help serve meals to U.S. soldiers and help keep the farm or her husband's business was going (American and British Strengths and Weaknesses). Without the help of their spouses, many soldiers would have returned home to be in bankruptcy (Strengths and Weaknesses). Another way that American women helped was by being spies and giving information about enemy troops locations (Strengths and Weaknesses). For this reason, women should have been given more rights because if they would have been caught they would be executed by the

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