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DBQ Essay-Ratification of the Constitution: The Federalists’ Stance The ratification of the constitution was a process which was very controversial and tedious. The people chose sides because they were undereducated about the constitution and were easily influenced. The Federalists’ supported the ratification of the constitution because the Articles of Confederation was falling apart and was causing many domestic and foreign distresses. Massachusetts was perhaps most against the new constitution but even the editor of the Massachusetts Sentinel had to agree that the A.O.C could not be. The editor writes in his newspaper of the many domestic and foreign issues facing our country. He describes them as such “… the complaints of our…show more content…
The resolution of this conflict ended in the ratification of the constitution but, also calmed the worries of the Anti-Federalist Party. The resolution at the Massachusetts Constitutional Ratification Convention played out as such “… it is the opinion of this convention that certain amendments and alterations in the said Constitution would remove the fears and quiet the apprehensions of many of the good people of the commonwealth [the resolution goes on to recommend such amendments as]… that all powers not expressly delegated by the… Constitution are reserved to the several states… that no person be tried for any crime… until he first be indicted by a grand jury…”. This shows that with a Bill of Rights the Constitution was a far better government than the A.O.C . Also, this convention proved that the A.O.C was crumbling and that a stronger, more improved government was necessary to keep this country from falling into the clutches of another superpower such as Britain or France. The Ratification of the Constitution might have divided our country in two political parties but, the Federalists sided with the Constitution for they believed that the Constitution would solve current domestic and foreign issues as well as prevent issues for our posterity. They also believed that the A.O.C was much too weak to be a stable government for our newborn nation. The Federalists’ stance is important for the

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