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Within the Jackson administration, Jacksonian Democracy impacted further advances in the political process by the “common man” and minorities, the economic stability of the nation, and created sectionalism. These impacts were caused by the end of white men voting restrictions, creation of the spoils system, vetoing of National Bank policies, distribution of currency to “pet banks,” fairness of laws for states and enforcing Indian Removal. Jackson gave political power to the “common man” during his presidency seen through Margret Bayard Smith’s account of Jackson’s Inauguration in 1829 (Doc A). Smith described western farmers going crazy in the street and the White House which for that time was not a typical Inauguration ceremony. In…show more content…
Jackson’s reasons for vetoing were because Jackson felt a National Bank did not benefit the “common man” because Jackson saw a National Bank as unconstitutional since the “common man” did not profit economically (Doc D). An opposing political party saw Jackson’s excessive vetoing as Jackson creating a monarchy and found these vetoing actions as unconstitutional showing more opposition to “common man” philosophies (Doc E). To destroy the National Bank and further expand “common” man” power, Jackson distributed the Federal Fund into “pet banks” which were banks owned by Jackson’s “common man” friends. Finally, Jackson created the Indian Removal Act to support the “common man.” Through Indian Removal, more of the “common men” were able to obtain land and profit economically. Although Cherokees expressed their opposition to Indian removal because Indians wanted to remain on their land since Indians saw themselves as American Citizens too, Jackson continued to appeal to the “common man” by creating the Indian Removal act that allowed “common man” access and ownership to Indian land (Doc H, I). The Jackson administration focused on supporting the “common man.” Jackson also affected the economic stability of the nation. Jackson’s primary economic effect on the Nation was through the vetoing of the National Bank. Jackson saw the National Bank as a way to prevent the economy from growing because the bank

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