Dbq on Differences Between New England and Chesapeake Area Essay

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Two unique societies were constructed by people of common origin. These English colonists immigrated to the New World for either economic prosperity or religious freedom. During colonization, two regions were formed, New England and the Chesapeake Bay area. The two contrasting societies of New England and Chesapeake region were the results of diversity of: social and family structure; health and living conditions; economy; religion and beliefs; and government policies.

As stated in Document A, unity was encouraged among New Englanders, which developed into close societies. The close societies often built a bond of trust within the community, knowing that neighbors would come together during times of danger. Document A also
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Longer lifetimes resulted in society stability since families were formed and "grandparents invented."

Document F states, "The worst [among us were the gold seekers who] with their golden promises made all men their slaves in hope of recompenses." This quote displays the major motive of emigrants to the Chesapeake region as gold seekers, or monetary prosperity. Documents G and H show that there were many indentured servants in the Chesapeake area. These indentured servants were often used for the tobacco farms. Since the soil was infertile in New England, the colonists there often focused on trade, small scale manufacturing, fishing, and other sea industries. The economy of each region impacted its social structure, which many indentured servants and slaves in the Chesapeake region while there was much more equality in New England.

Documents A, D, and E stress the importance of religion in New England societies. Document A refers to working for God and follow what God has set for them to do. The New Englanders also have beliefs that hard work was necessary and high morals were needed. They also believed in literacy and education. Document D states, "We intend by God's grace, as soon as we can, with all convenient speed, to procure some Godly and faithful minister with whom we purpose to join in church covenant to walk in all ways of Christ." Document

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