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DOCUMENT BASED QUESTION DIRECTIONS: Compose a thesis controlled essay answering the following question based on YOUR analysis of the documents provided below. Take into account both the sources of the documents and the point of view of the authors. DO NOT SIMPLY WRITE A SUMMARY OF EACH INDIVIDUAL DOCUMENT. THE QUESTION: What was the scope and the attitude of people toward the institution of slavery in the world from the beginning of civilization to the dawn of modern times? Note to the wise: Look at the content of the documents, the place at which the document originated, and the time at which the document was written. Also consider who wrote the document and how that individual feels about the institution of slavery. Document 1…show more content…
They represented luxury and displayed their master 's power and wealth. Government slaves worked as servants, clerks, accountants, and minor officials. Others works as gamekeepers, ranch hands, and in heavy labor.| Document 5 Zhou Daguan, government messenger to Cambodia, sent by the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan 1296| Savages are brought to do the work of servants. When they are young and strong, they cost a hundred pieces of cloth; when old and weak, they sell for thirty to forty pieces of cloth. Wealthy families may have more than a hundred slaves, even those people of modest means have ten to twenty slaves. Only the very poor have none at all, and they themselves work as hard as a slave.| Document 6 Ibn Battuta, Muslim traveler, teacher and pilgrim. From a chapter in his book, written at the oasis of Takedda locates south of the Sahara Desert in north central Africa, 1353| These people from Takedda have no occupation but trade. They travel from their homes in central Africa to Egypt each year and there they buy for importing some of everything which is there for sale. The people of Takedda are comfortable and well off and are proud of the number of male and female slaves which they own.| Document 7 Francesco di Marco Datini, Italian merchant from the city of Prato from a letter written to a business associate, about 1375| By the end of the 14th century there was hardly a well to do household in Tuscany (a province in northern Italy) without

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