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In the period of 1880 to 1914, positive and negative attitudes ascended throughout the acquisition of African colonies. Some thought that it would reinforce Europe's economy and government, others supposed it would add pressures to Europe; it end up being a benefit to the economy, strengthen the nation and civilizing Africa. Motivations would be up brought upon the vague consideration about this dilemma. Some of the motivations were seen with positive attitudes about the acquisition with the pro imperialist who benefited the economy in documents 2, 5, and 12. During the acquisition, the purchase of the Suez Canal was seen more of a positive attitude towards the government it was a nationalistic attitude. Benjamin Disraeli discusses…show more content…
His demand that he is in the middle between Russia and France is what his map of Africa looks like (D3). Bismarck was most concerned with power politics on the European continent; his comments regarding imperialism seem somewhat ironic (POV). Careful treaties with native chiefs of Independent State of Congo were made between Mr. Henry M. Stanley and several soldiers having whole villages have been signed away to their Majesty (D6). This was seen as an anti-imperialist attitude because of cultural reasons, villages being signed away it was all negative. Economic negative attitudes are seen when the Resolution of the German Social Democratic Party Congress, 1900 speaks that World and colonial power is pursued for capitalist exploitation and for displaying military force which corresponds to the greedy desire of the bourgeoisie to invest its ever-increasing capital and to the desire for new markets which each country tries to usurp to itself. This had a negative attitude because it’s mentioning how colonial power only brings severe greedy consequences upon each country and should not be enforced. The resolution from the German Social Democratic Party Congress is probably a biased source since as socialists they would naturally condemn a capitalist agenda (D9). The motivations behind the civilization of Africa are viewed in documents 1, 4, 7 and 11. Economic motivations and political global power such as the advantages of

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