Dc Data Collection Analysis Corporation Essay

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Background DC Data Collections is a data collection analysis corporation who Headquarters is located in Atlanta, FL. DC collects data then later combines it with operational system data. The company was established on February 2014 by CEO Mark Stomata in his two car garage. In May 2015 ranked #9 most profitable verses its major competitors, #3 most respected and #3 most innovative. DC have been finding more ways to become more innovative which lead to a 60% project growth in the next 18 months. Type of business DC company continues to look for ways to leverage the collected data but wants to ensure that the information technology infrastructure will support the expected growth that the company is anticipating. DC company currently collects data using Web analytics and combines it with operational systems data. During this process they converts data into data storage where it is later recalled and analyzed. DC technology includes a list of various software, database, consulting and hardware. DC offers its services nationwide but is looking to expand globally. Moreover with their growing revenue they cater to two different types of services commercial and residential. In the commercial services DC professionals consults to collaborate with their customers general data base support, quality testing, business intel, integration services, data acquisition, applications, and quality testing. DC support residential customers who would experience technical software and hardware
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