Dch Logistics

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DCH Logistics
Planning for La Cafetière
What are the advantages of having a bonded Warehouse and how can it help in doing international business?

A Bonded Warehousing can be defined as storage, manipulation, or further manufacturing of dutiable goods in a building or other secured area without the payment of duty on it.


Goods can stay in a bonded warehouse for an unlimited period of time, and no import duties and VAT will have to be paid until the moment they are actually imported into free circulation in the EU, e.g. to be transported to a customer.
- You get the possible suspension of certain trade policy measure (license, ID, ...)
- You get a significant cash advantage, because the fees and charges are payable
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DCH know how to deal with Chinese market, have experience with international trade; lot of modern warehouses and infrastructures, distribution center and bonded warehouses..
Offering also packaging services In Xinhui LC together with an array of follow up arrangements, including quality control, warehousing, inventory, shipment transportation and sales responses.

Kuk was trying to come up with an attractive solution for La Cafetipre’s late delivery problems. In addition he wanted to explain the benefits of a solution involving DCH Logistics. La Cafetiere can get benefits from DCH Logistics because one the one hand the Chinese market is growing very quickly and on the other hand, this market correspond perfectly to the strategy of La Cafetiere who wants to propose new products, adapted to this new market.
Moreover, nowadays, China is a cross trade place where all countries come in order to do business. It’s today a central point for the manufacturing and the trading thanks to the work and the financial power of this country.

Basically, what a 3PL can bring to a company is the opportunity to focus on their core competency, in oder to achieve better quality, time management, and reduce the Total cost of ownership of their product.
Here DCH logistics offer to la cafetière to take care of the implementation of facilities on the Asian market in order to
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