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CYP Core 3.7: Understand how to support positive outcomes for children and young people.

1.1 Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people.

Every one is an individual and so everyone has individual needs. It is important that as a practitioner that I always take this into consideration and consider the fact that each child will also experience their own personal situations which are unique to them. These unique situations often include social, economical and cultural difficulties and this may delay, stop or help a child advance the development of a child or young person and have an affect on them reaching their full potential. “Many issues in our wider society will
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They may struggle to find work and this can cause economic difficulties in later life. Looked after children are those who are the responsibility of the local authorities foe example children who are in care. These are the most venerable group of children and quite often these children are the responsibility of local authorities because they have had some sort of problems at home foe example abuse. This usually means that the child has social difficulties because they feel like they are not wanted or not loved. Bad health can be stressful for any family. If it is a child who is ill, they will need to take lots of time away from school which can have a huge impact on their social life. If it is a family member who is ill it may also mean that they are absent from school and so this would have the same effect. Another impact can often be that the family are spending lots of money on medication which can have a massive impact on children’s health, education and social life. Housing and community can have a massive impact on children. Some children who live in social housing suffer from overcrowding which can cause social problems and health problems. Also if parents/carers continually have to use their finances to provide for a new accommodation for their children this can cause a massive economic impact. Lots of families who have recently arrived to live in this country may find themselves in this

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