Ddt and Malaria

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Should DDT Be Used Against Malaria DDT is an effective control mechanism for containing the spread of malaria. However, when used as a control mechanism for agriculture, it has been shown to cause environmental harm to ecosystems in the area. This has lead to many misconceptions that DDT is strictly a harmful chemical that only leads to negative outcomes. However, there is evidence that shows the opposite when DDT is used as a control mechanism in controlling the spread of malaria. DDT should be used as a control mechanism against malaria as long as the activity of spraying is closely monitored and contained. DDT should not be used as the only answer to solving the problem of malaria but should play an important role. The purpose of this…show more content…
The campaign was highly successful. As a result of the Campaign, malaria was eradicated by 1967 from all developed countries where the disease was endemic and large areas of tropical Asia and Latin America were freed from the risk of infection (Milloy). It was estimated that around 500 million lifes were saved. However, at the time, the campaign was not considered to be feasible in Africa. As a result little efforts were put into helping the situation. Production of DDT continued to increase with peak production of the compound reaching 386 million pounds (175 million kilograms) globally in 1970. At the same time as DDT was being used to eliminate malaria, farmers were using the chemical in substantial amounts as an insecticide. Monoculture farming was introduced in the 1950’s and DDT was used by farmers to spray the large stretches of land their crops covered. However, environmentalists and scientists soon were observing that DDT was harming the ecosystems around which it was being used. DDT is considered harmful because of its chemical properties (DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane)). It was thought that consumption of DDT large quantities could be toxic. DDT is also dangerous because it has a long half life which means it takes a very long time to break down in the environment. DDT 's long life is due to its low solubility in
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