De Beauvoir's “Woman as Other”

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“Woman as Other”

De Beauvoir’s “Woman as Other” lays out an elaborate argument on gender inequality; using the term “other” to establish woman’s alternate, lesser important role throughout her work, the author dissects and examines from its origin the female’s secondary position in society in contrast to man. Indeed, from the beginning of recorded history, the duality of man, by definition, positions woman at the opposing end of the spectrum in relation to her male counterpart. Even by today’s modern and accepting standards, the female suffers under the brand of being the sub-standard half of the duality equation; compared to her male opponent, women are paid lower wages, have fewer and limited expression of rights, achieve lower
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Consequently, this has potential implications for the investment on the next generation; if parents view daughters as less likely to earn market wages or take paid work, they may be less inclined to invest in their education, which is woman’s fastest route out of poverty. Also, in a job market dominated by men who monopolize the most important positions, the male faction generally retains the opportunities for success, for advancement or for higher wages. In fact, a recent class action lawsuit filed on behalf of 1.6 million women employed by Wal-Mart stores alleges the retailer’s sexual discrimination has led to women losing out on pay, promotions and other advances; women are paid less than men in every department of the store. According to the study named in the lawsuit, two-thirds of Wal-Mart’s employees are female and less than one-third of its managers are female Until recently, social development, by design has guaranteed women limited growth in the employment ranks by the standard curriculum path recommended for the female gender; typical high school and junior colleges required home economics and other domestic-related courses to be completed by female students. Thus, the woman high school or junior college graduate enters the world without adequate training to compete in the business world beyond basic trade or “blue collar” worker positions. Finally, a
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