De Nadie Commentary

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"De Nadie" Commentary
This documentary is focused on the numerous immigrants originating from Central America, undertaking an extremely dangerous journey of about 2500 miles up north towards the southern border of the United States, where they hope to cross and profit from the wealth available in the U.S.. The movie is accordingly named "de Nadie", which translates into "No-One", and follows various immigrants on their journeys, interviewing them on their way and depicting the many injustices and setbacks encountered by each of them. The difficulties emphasized in this documentary are mainly the one's which are usually overlooked when discussing the issue of U.S immigration, including political, economical, medical and criminal
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Throughout the documentary stories are told by immigrants who crossed paths with La Mara, some about fighting back and being savagely injured, others about obeying and surviving and others who hid and lost everything.

Contributing to all this violence and injustice, one would hope for the just calls of the police. Unfortunately the police in Central America is just as bad, and is referred to in the movie as the "thieves with permits". The police is generally known not to help the immigrants or at least act judicially, but rather to assault them, stealing everything they own from them and beating and abusing them sometimes resulting in casualties. This is confirmed in the documentary by many immigrants and civilians in Mexico who have personally experienced the abuse and see no bright future for justice in their country. The police is also accused of being corrupt, so not much can be done against the situation and malpractices, also due to the unwillingness of the victims to file complaints and raise awareness. Most are unwilling out of fear of being deported back to their own country, this bringing us to the next issue, the Immigrations Department. Unfortunately once the immigrants get to the border of Mexico, the next obstacle addressed in the movie is the Mexico Immigrations Department. In the documentary the Immigration Department explains how Mexico has become extremely involved in the U.S immigration procedure of the

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