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Sở GD-ĐT Tỉnh Phú Yên THI THỬ THPT QUỐC GIA LẦN I - 2015 Trường THPT Chuyên Lương Văn Chánh Môn: TIẾNG ANH Thời gian: 90 phút Mã đề: 138 I. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks from (1) to (10). PROACTIVE JOB HUNTING Once upon a time, people left school or university, joined a company and stayed with it until they retired. The concept of a job for life is now long (1)_______, and nowadays many employees find it hard to stay loyal to their companies for even a relatively short period of time. According to a recent survey, this is particularly (2)_______ in London, where more than half of those asked said that they constantly (3)_______ one eye on other job…show more content…
It was announced that neither the passengers nor the driver ______ in the crash. A. was injured B. injured C. were injured D. had injured 28. A cool drink …………….. him after his long hot journey. A. relieved B. relaxed C. refreshed D. recovered 29. Employers often require that candidates have not only a degree ………………….. A. but two-year experience as well B. also two years of experience C. but also two years experience D. but also two years experience as well 30. Arthur assured me that he was going to come, but he hasn't ………………..yet. A. turned on B. turned in C. turned up D. turned round 31. You ___________ to your teacher like that. It was very rude. A. mustn't have talked B. shouldn't have talked C. shouldn't talk D. mustn't talk 32. It is imperative that this letter __________ immediately. A. is sent B. be sent C. has been sent D. was sent 33. Sport today has become…………………..and is no longer enjoyable. A. more too competitive B. far too competitive C. too much competitive D. much competitive 34. Jane: " What a lovely house you have!" - Tom : "………………………." A. I'm glad you like it. B. I spent much money on it. C. Many people say so. D. Thanks. Hopefully you will drop in. 35. The teacher asked a difficult question, but finally Ted ___________ a good answer. A. came out at B. came out of C. came up with D. came up to 36. "Do you have a minute, Dr Keith?" - "………………………….." A. Sure. What's the problem? B. Well. I'm not sure when C. Good, I hope so D. Sorry, I haven't got it

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