Dea Task Force Essay

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For years now, drug trafficking has been a concern for the nation’s government. Not only is this true, but it is a major problem in other countries as well. Since drug usage and trafficking was considered a high priority problem, the DEA also known as the drug enforcement administration was created. This administration began in 1973 by President Nixon. Nixon’s intentions by creating the DEA would be to monitor the drug trafficking and its problems within the United States and throughout other countries around the world. Since the creation of this agency, there has been a stop to a great deal of the drug problems around the world. Although the DEA began in 1973, there was a very similar administration that had been around since the year,…show more content…
Once a dealer made a huge cash deposit in a bank in Miami, it was a major red flag and the bust was initiated. “This case was notable as the first combined investigation by the DEA and the FBI on drug profits behind the marijuana trade.” (US Drug Enforcement Administration) In 1982, operation OPBAT took place. OPBAT is an acronym for Operation Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands. Their job was to fight the flow of drugs to the southeastern United States from the Caribbean islands. In order to explore the open waters for drug trafficking, the United States implemented their army and coast guard to help actively support the Royal Bahaman police force. Drug traffickers in this central area made it very difficult for these various law enforcement agencies by using high powered water crafts and technology. The DEA, along with the IRS and several state and local agencies joined together to create Operation Pisces in 1984. This undercover investigation lasted two years and was successful at discovering the relationship between street gangs in the United States and the Columbian cartel. Operation Pisces also investigated and acknowledged the relation among the cartel and dealers in Italy and Denmark. Once the operation came to a closure in 1987, “law enforcement had arrested two-hundred and twenty drug dealers and seized $28 million in cash and assets and more than 11,000 pounds of cocaine in Southern California.” (US Drug
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