Dead Men's Path By Chinua Achebe

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Mankind has always looked towards progression in all ways of life. Advancement requires change to a criteria’s state of being. In the short story, “Dead Men’s Path,” written by Chinua Achebe, we read about an ambitious headmaster wanting to instill modernizations into his area of operation. The story concerns the boundaries of tradition that are overstepped by the headmaster of an “unprogressive school.” (Chinua Achebe). We can often see modern-day governments overstepping public boundaries. The governing bodies that have overriding powers over the outcomes of historical and protected lands, often produce unfavorable protests by public groups that evolve from environmental concerns and public rights. With the smallest rebuttals by these protesting groups, we can sometimes see the power in which community contains.…show more content…
His two main goals were to create a, “high standard of teaching and for the school compound to be turned into a place of beauty.” (2). Being young, married, and ambitious the protagonist, Michael Obi, was determined to uphold the school’s standard to put a lasting impression on the Government Education Officer. Michael was faced with opposition when he discovers an ancestral footpath running through his school’s garden. A priest of Ani confronts Michael with the issue of blockading an ancestral path would bring tension to a community and their traditions. Michael disregards the priest’s concerns and upholds his standard to disallow trespassing and ritual to take place on his school ground. Michael found the garden to be trampled the next morning and one of the school buildings destroyed. Michaels disregard to the community’s tradition returned him a negative report regarding the school grounds by the inspecting supervisor. Also as a result, tension developed between the school and
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