' Dead Men's Path, By Chinua Achebe

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"Dead Men's Path" is a short story written in 1972 by African Author Chinua Achebe. It is about Michael Obi, a youthful and vivacious man amped up for everything present day who is simply doled out a position to run a conventional school. Not long into the activity, he finds that alongside his confused energy, disregarding the conventions of his kin can have incredible results.

Obi is a splendid and energetic young fellow who is eager to discover that he will be the new dean of a school that has been in urgent need of assistance for quite a while. Obi was viewed as an "essential educator" and he and his significant other are both ground breaking and anxious to impart the cutting edge life to everybody. Chinua Achebe demonstrates the Obi's cutting edge excitement by stating: "We should give a valiant effort,' she Obi's significant other) answered. "We might have such excellent patio nurseries and everything will be simply current and delightful..." He likewise demonstrates Obi's perspectives of the traditionalist individuals by assaulting their character alluding to them as, "these old and superannuated individuals in the educating field." Of his two objectives for the school, one was to make the grounds a position of magnificence. An up and coming review was the ideal inspiration to start what he thought to be incredible upgrades. In time the greenery enclosures bloomed with excellent red and yellow blossoms. As Obi is appreciating his work, he goes over an old lady from
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