Dead Poet Society : Movie Review : The Dead Poets Society

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“The Dead Poets Society’ is a movie that conveys many messages that are even more relevant today than they were in 1989. The movie gives you an insider look into Welton academy for boys a prestigious school known for its extreme standards. We follow a class of students who are inspired by a one of a kind teacher Mr Keating, someone who changed their view on learning and the world. The film touches on the subjects of the power of teachers, pressures from parents and teen suicide. This film made me think about the impact teachers have on students, specifically the impacts of an inspirational teacher. I’m sure we have all had a teacher that we see as inspiring and intriguing, this was Mr Keating for the boys of Welton academy especially for Neil Perry. Mr Keating for me was quite the opposite of his surrounding colleagues, he used innovative techniques to make learning interesting and something quite out of the ordinary. The impact Mr Keating left on his students was demonstrated through the “O Captain, My Captain” scene where a majority of the students stand on their desks and say ‘O Captain, My Captain’ as a mark on respect. They do this when Mr Keating is being fired due to his teaching methods to show the impact he had on them will not be lost. I personally believe at Dio that we have it pretty good, we have teachers that are catering for our needs and providing us with the best chance of succeeding while transferring the necessary knowledge in an interesting way.

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