Dead Space One Research Paper

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Most of the horror gaming titles released come from pre-established horror franchises, with gameplay and story threads that are well-known and criticized by fans of the series. As a result, Dead Space One was faced with the challenge of making itself unique from previous titles of the same genre in order to establish a franchise that would last a long time in the gaming industry and world. The game Dead Space is one of the best sci-fi survival horror games of 2011 because it separated itself from the pre-existing horror titles with skillful characterization, an elaborate and intricate plot development, and a thrill-seeking and interactive gameplay that horror game fanatics haven’t seen in recent years with any other horror franchise. The storyline for the game Dead Space One takes place in the year 2208 when earth has used up all its resources and its population is diminishing. Luckily for humanity, technology has advanced far enough to build ships which can extract the natural resources from other planets, a process called planet cracking, and bring those resources back to earth…show more content…
To start off, Dead Space One’s mechanics started off players as a simple working man trying to survive in an otherwise hostile environment. By doing this, it enable players to use the main protagonist’s, Isaac, ability as an engineer to build weapons from scratch and repurpose them. This gave players a more realistic and interactive gaming experience. In addition, to those mechanics, the game also made sure that the experience would feel as real as possible by rearranging its action options. The game developers purposely made things like the health, ammunition, and incoming transmissions from crew members present in the game’s story by presenting them embedded in the protagonist’s suit, holographically, and projecting them in front of
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