Deadly Unna Chapter Summaries Essay

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Chapter Summaries. Chapter 1. - Gary is telling the story. - Gary calls the coach "arks" because he can’t say ask. - Gary's team is called the goonyas. - Gary lives on the coast of S.A. in a country town. - Carol Cockatoo is 1st Ruck and Gary is 2nd Ruck. - Gary was becoming very popular in the town as he was now the 1st Ruck for the grand final. - Gary has 4 brothers (one Tim) and 3 sisters. - Nickname: Blacky Chapter 2. - Gary is feared that he would be called a gutless wonder. - Gary liked school. Chapter 3. - Arks were a real champion in his day. - Coach Robertson has never won a grand final. - Coach Robertson wife ran away and left him with the kids. - Arks played a grade footy when he was 14. Chapter 4. - Arks is…show more content…
-Campers were people who were like visitors/tourist. - The campers ask Gary & his friends about the place and what they have. - Catherine is the camper’s kid. - Some of the boys think of making a business of gents against Darcy. Chapter 19. - He is smitten by Cathy - Gary had met Greggy. Chapter 20. - Gary talks about Maccas. How they talk about girls that got to college. Chapter 21. - Gary and his mates are talking about Cathy. - His mates believe that Gary likes Cathy. - Pickles were rich because he sold gents. Chapter 22. - The pub smelt like stale beer and cigarette smoke. - The main people that went to the pub were: the old man, Mick, Slogs & Rocker. - Pickles and Gary were at the pub. - Farmers loved talking about fertilisers. - Gary’s mum only went to the pub on New Years and got dressed up. - Rocker was the best player at eight-balls. - Rocker & his wife/missus were having problems. - Big Mac always told the same joke that everyone knew. Chapter 23. - Mr Matt nearly taught everyone to swim. - Dazza’s little brother didn’t like looking under the water. - Arks nags about how the boys wear footy shorts. - Gary wants to be really close to Cathy now. - Mrs Matt teaches kids how to swim. - All along the jetty the campers were fishing - The campers who were fishing at the jetty talked about the way that Darcy’s gents are better than Pickles gents. Chapter 24. - Darcy really wasn’t interested in girls anymore. -

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