Deadly Unna

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Deadly Unna Questions Chapter 1 1. Who are the Nungas? Nungas is the word that the Aboriginal people are associated with. 2. "Usually people just call us blacky". What does this suggest about the attitudes of other people? The other people are real bogans and come up with nicknames for a lot of things. Chapter 2 3. What are the "worst two things you can be" in Blacky 's town? Which of these do you consider to be the worst and why? The two worst things you can be in Blacky’s town is a gutless wonder and a slack moll. Gutless wonder seems worse because if you are a boy, no one wants to hang around with you. Chapter 3 / 4 4. Create a character description for Mr Roberston. Include details about his appearance, traits and…show more content…
What does this indicate about the facilities in Port? They are held in Wangaroo because they have second to none facilities, the best in the area. 20. "Dumby and his old man were like peas in a pod". What technique is used in this line? What is the effect of this? (explain the imagery created by the sentence) The technique use in this line is personification, this has an effect both on Dumby and his father this shows the deep connection that they have in family relationship. Chapter 15 21. Find and record examples of the following language techniques in this chapter: Metaphor There was a nasty little man in my head. Simile As white as a sheet. Hyperbole (exaggeration) But I feel okay. Pun (play on words) With a sledge hammer, driving deep into my brain. 22. What is Clarence implying when she says her mother is "not keen on being 'round you lot"? (p.119) She means that Clarence’s mother doesn’t like Blacky and she is unsure about him. Chapter 16 23. Read page 121. What does the graffiti in the shed indicate about attitudes towards Aboriginal people in town? It implies that they are arrogant and do not like the white people. 24. Darcy says to Blacky "You be careful of those gins now, lad". What does he mean? How does this reflect his attitude to Aboriginal women? How does Blacky misinterpret his advice? (p. 122-123) Darcy is trying to say to Blacky that they are different and to not become close to them. He takes this worngly
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