Deaf Americans . Regularly, The Privileges Of Individuals

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Deaf Americans Regularly, the privileges of individuals who are deaf get overlooked. Deaf people attempting to connect with hearing experts, crisis responders, or associations are denied basic, essential access to proper communication tools needed, which at times puts their lives at risk. There have been various situations where deaf Americans are wrongfully arrested after calling 911 for assistance. There are situations where deaf individuals die after the hospital withholds a basic medical diagnosis information. Certain institutions may even discriminate against deaf students in medical schools because they may feel like it’s too much of a hassle to provide an interpreter for that student. Deaf Americans are continuing to be held down…show more content…
Several establishments claim to be multicultural but when it comes to providing adequate training for deaf Americans, that topic seems to fall to the wayside. That doesn’t appear to be very diverse. The ADA clearly states that discriminating against individuals with disabilities is a violation if adequate accommodations are not provided, yet these violations still occur in hospitals and police stations. These laws are put in place to protect the employees and employers from liabilities that could open huge lawsuits. The unemployment rate amongst deaf Americans is staggeringly double the average American rate which makes it much more difficult for deaf Americans to live a better quality of life. This can be helped by allowing equal access to necessary tools needed for deaf Americans to be productive in America daily. Deaf Americans are forced to fight every day because we live in an discriminatory society. More than 500,000 deaf patients in hospitals, deaf citizens and deaf children in schools rely on ASL to communicate daily in the United States of America. They all deserve to be treated equally and given the opportunity to succeed. Let’s continue to fight for the deaf and not let these injustices carry on in America. Minorities in America Social Stratification is inequality in the system that we see every day in a society clearly divided by power, status and wealth.

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