Deaf Blindness

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Deaf Blindness

Most people assume that a deaf blind child is someone who is not able to hear or see. “Our country's special educational law defines deaf-blindness as the combination of the visual and hearing impairment” (“Deaf Blindness”). These two impairments make the person lose his or her communication skills, developmental and educational needs. The National Consortium on Deaf-Blindness observes that the key feature of deaf-blindness is that the "combination of losses limits access to auditory and visual information" (“Deaf Blindness”). Through this research I was able to discover the origin of deaf blindness and explore about this disability.

“Laura Bridgaman was the first person who was an individual with deaf blindness
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This vaccine should not be used by a pregnant woman. After taking this vaccine the women who received should wait at least two months to elapse before getting pregnant (Bekker).

All the children with deaf blindness differ from each other. They are all unique in their own way. The amount of visual and auditory loss varies in all individuals. The sensory input sometimes gets damaged but for some other individuals it won't get damaged. The vision and hearing may be lost from birth but for some others it takes time and eventually gets lost. "Either or both losses may be gradual or immediate and may not be accompanied by the loss of other body functions" (Mcllnnes and Treffry). Deaf blind people will face symptoms that are combined. There will be symptoms based on loss of hearing and loss of vision. There are different types of conditions that may lead to deaf blindness. Congenial Rubella Syndrome and Usher Syndrome are common conditions that lead an individual to be a deaf blind. loss of a little vision and hearing is very common among older people. It’s just a sign of aging. This can rarely lead to be a deaf blind person (Schneider, O’Toole, and Fletcher).

Based on the statistics 45000 to 50000 people in US are deaf-blind. "According to the 2007 National Deaf-Blind Child Count, over 10,000 are children under the age of 21"(“Deaf Blindness”). The word deaf Blindness is sometimes misunderstood by people. They think it means a person who cannot hear

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