Deaf Super Teens

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So, Deaf super teens parents are friends as well as weird al, and illuminati man. illuminati man, he creates device to go into dimensions and incidentally goes to the future the first time he goes in and so, he gets a ring and he heard the DST talking about, and becomes evil because of us talking about what happened. He tries to trick our parents into making us evil super villains and he gets his powers by going into the clockwork dimension, and steals eyelock’s ring as he is leaving, eyelock, turns of the portal, and illuminati man is “stuck in between dimensions, the ring fuses with him and he gets his powers

Our parents are creating the portals, this is like five years later, illuminati man is stuck incidentally in the portal, nother realm, a realm between dimensions and he gets out just after we get our powers and weird al is fighting him.

So, how josh, aka check-mate gets his powers, mom is playing chess when a bomb goes off, an inter-dimensional bomb it goes off, and what they think is a dud, actually affects josh and he gets his powers as well as his mom, however, her power quickly fades, and her baby is born and at 4 years old, josh is playing chess one day when he sees a move he could make and he beats the champion, not even knowing how to play or touching the
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trenton’s gets absorbed into his brain along with the dimension. Josh’s is in the nother realm, a place where nothing happens, till illuminati man gets out and finds the stone and fuses it with the other one, making his powers as is. Tanki’s stone gives him the ability to make his armor impervious to attacks with anything except guns and laser weapons and explosives . it is in the form of a watch as well, however his is a bit different, like an old fashioned gauntlet watch. So, golden eagle’s is a watch, a bird watch. Yo ma’s is a pocket watch. j-swagger ‘s is not in a watch form, however is put into the eye of the staff he gets from his dimension and it activates the
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