Dealing With ADHD

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Life always has its ups and downs but the way that you deal with them makes a person who they are. Some challenges I have had in my life include my weight, my stress, and my ADHD. While all these challenges are tough I have learned to beat them. The way I learned how to do this includes: talking with friends, family, and counselors. To start, my friends have always supported me no matter what. They always know how to explain and show me ways that I can live with ADHD. Some of the friends I have are also dealing with ADHD. At any given point during the day-usually during school- if I feel that I am distracted and I am not doing my best, I will tell my friends and they will always know what to say. Additionally my family has given me all the help and support and love that I can ask for. In the many years I have been dealing with this problem they constantly tell me, “You can do this” and “Never give up”. My parents, both being doctors, were concerned about my problem. They both insisted to me that I get medicine that would help me calm down and not lose focus. Therefore they were able to find the right kind of medication for me. Once I had been taking the medication I felt in a much better mood and it helped my ADHD. Equally important, my counselors have helped me a ton. Once I began to work with them I…show more content…
I have also always loved being in the water. Whether I am taking baths, swimming, or just playing in the rain. I am also on the swim team at my school and I have met a lot of my friends that way. I have always been so interested in learning about how the brain works and why it works the way it does. I also like to be with children-including children with disabilities. For a couple of summers I worked at sailing based camp with children with disabilities. I absolutely loved to be with the children and volunteer there. I would love to do the same for a
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